BLU Energy Drink was founded in year 2000. The brand became an immediate success and export operations followed shortly. Nowadays, more than 100 million cans per year are consumed worldwide.

Our goal is to become a leading brand in the energy drink market, a leader in the innovation of new categories as well as products, providing a top quality product accompanied with innovative marketing activities.

The products attributes include among others, good mood and fun, adventure, and mind work to millions of consumers worldwide.

Our expansion to new countries continues. We enjoy sharing our success with our partners all over the glob and are very much interested to share our passion, knowledge, capabilities and drive to success, with our world wide friends and partners.

The products target group can be describe as being young,male at the ages of  17-22, smart, outgoing, enjoy life , do nor fear to take responsibilities, "know their way around", understand the value of a brand and the costs involved, connected to the night scene, and are looking for the right "thing"

                   BLU is the sizzling new energy drink that is taking Europe and the Middle East by storm!